Perfect Brew Ratio
3g of Loose Leaf Tea
300ml of Filtered Water
3 minutes Infusion Time
To us 3g of tea is ideal for a perfect cup of tea, especially if it is a blend. 
Don’t forget that all teas weight differently:  3g of Chamomile is double the volume of Assam black tea for example.
We think 300ml (12oz) cup is perfect, because let’s face it, not many people can drink more then that in one sitting.
What is the surface area of the leaf- is it small medium or large? how tightly rolled it is?
The larger and tightly rolled the leaf is the longer it will need to infuse and bring those beautiful flavours out.
Don’t forget that it is the loose leaf tea even in our tea bags so you will need longer for it to brew- ideally 3 minutes, but you decide.
Happy Brewing :)

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